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Japanese Model news

Gravure idol Nozomi Fujikawa takes kimono off at press event for upcoming movie
Tuesday 19th May, 01:30 PM JST

TOKYO — Gravure idol Nozomi Fujikawa, 27, pleased reporters at a press event held in Higashi Shimbashi on Monday when she lowered her kimono to her hips, covering her breasts with her other hand.Download Link Here

The event was held before a special preview of her upcoming film “Onna Goroshi Abura no Jigoku” - known as “Murder at the Oil Store” in English. It is Fujikawa’s first time to play the leading lady in a movie and it also marks her return to the entertainment world after a six-year absence. The movie, set in 18th century Japan, centers on the life and murder of the bored wife of a wealthy Osaka oil merchant.

When Fujikawa lowered her kimono for the press, those in attendance voiced their approval with her 81-58-84 figure. She roused the crowd when she said: “I’m not wearing anything under this. I came without any underwear.”

She also commented on the filming of the nude scenes in the movie, saying: “Sometimes the director would bark at me, and I would cry. But I realized I’m a bit masochistic, so I’ve grown as a result of this movie.”

Sunday 07th June, 06:31 AM JST

Model Karina, 25, left, and another model wear wedding dresses which she designed for her brand “Sancta Carina,” during a fashion show at Stellar Ball in Tokyo. The dresses include elements of both “cool” and “cute” to exude femininity. “I hope my dresses can contribute to many blissful weddings in the future,” Karina said. Asked about her own wedding prospects, she replied, “I’m going to be 26 next February, so I would like to work on it.” As for spontaneous marriage, which seems to be popular among “talents” these days, she replied, “Not a chance.”

Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day
Tuesday 02nd June, 02:00 AM JST

TOKYO — Model Marie, 21, startled everyone at an AIDS awareness concert titled “Red Ribbon Live 2009 Spring” held in Shibuya, with details of her sex life.

About 500 people attended the event hosted by radio announcer Shu Yamamoto, 45. Artists and other celebrities such as SHEILA, TKO, and Ayana Tsubaki also took part, aiming to encourage people to get tested for HIV.

Marie said afterwards: “I have to let you know, I have sex about five times a day. That’s how much I love it.” Yeah, right.

Ami Suzuki rocks Shibuya with 27th birthday party
Monday 09th February, 02:33 PM JST

TOKYO — Singer Ami Suzuki, who turned 27 on Monday, held a concert on her birthday for the third year in a row, at the Shibuya-Ax live house on Sunday night.

Suzuki, who wore a saucy black number replete with garter belt and stockings, started the night at 7 p.m. and sang 21 songs including her new single “Reincarnation,” which will go on sale Feb 25. From 11 p.m. the countdown party began and she broke out the turntables, playing the role of DJ as she continued to dance about and fire up the crowd. Just after midnight, the champagne started flowing and she cut her birthday cake on stage.

Suzuki later said she thought her outfit was cute and that she liked the parts that glittered. Asked about Valentine’s Day, she said there was someone that she liked, but she didn’t know yet if she would give him chocolates.

Aki Hoshino has hard time in LA while making DVD, photo book
Monday 28th July, 11:19 AM JST

TOKYO — Celebrity and bikini-model Aki Hoshino, 31, has a new DVD and photo book, “Lost Angel,” on sale. Meeting reporters at the launch in Tokyo, Hoshino said: “On the first day of production in LA in April, I suddenly felt unwell. Our staff called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital where several patients were handcuffed. They must have been prisoners from somewhere.”

Hoshino said she spent eight hours at the hospital, adding cryptically, “I think my breasts got smaller after staying there.” Adding to her troubles, she said that on the last day of work in LA, DVDs were stolen from her car. “We had a lot of trouble there really.”

Speed back in the fast lane with nationwide tour
Monday 25th May, 05:35 AM JST

TOKYO — Popular idol group Speed will embark on a nationwide tour for the first time in six years. This will be their 5th tour, and the first since the group reunited in August of last year. The upcoming tour will begin with two shows on Sept 5 and 6 at Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall, and take the group through 10 cities for a total of 16 concerts. On Oct 13 and 14, the group will play two shows at Tokyo’s Budokan. More than 100,000 fans are expected to attend the concerts.

The group’s newest single, “S.P.D.” will be released on May 27. On Aug 5, Speed will also release an album of re-recorded best hits entitled, “White Love.”

Member Hiroko Shimabukuro, 25, said of the upcoming events, “I’m so happy to get out on tour again. It’ll be great to sing all our old songs and have a great time together.” Singer Takako Uehara was likewise excited, saying, “I’m happy that the four of us can get up on stage together again. I want to put on a great show for everyone to enjoy.”

Moe Oshikiri looking for a little luck in love
Wednesday 20th May, 05:00 AM JST

TOKYO — Model Moe Oshikiri, 29, is the campaign girl for Uniqlo’s new line of summer skirts. The model, who appears in commercials for the billowing bottoms said, “I really like big skirts. This summer would be a great time to try out a new skirt shape, along with trying your hand at ‘konkatsu’ and ‘koikatsu’ (husband/love hunting).”

Oshikiri is currently seeing Giants pitcher Takahiro Nomaguchi, 25. The model said she’s really encouraged by the “electrifying shotgun marriage” between Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto and Rin Ihara. Of her own love life she said, “I’d like them to spread a little luck over here, but I don’t see anything for me in the near future.”
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