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How To Masturbate for Women
Masturbation is considered by many to be the cornerstone of sexual health. Because you get to do it by yourself, on your own terms, it’s probably the best way to learn what turns you on. Women are raised with little information about their genitals, and sex, including masturbation doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Some women orgasm from clitoral stimulation, others enjoy vaginal penetration or G spot stimulation. Remember, there’s no wrong way to masturbate; everyone is different! Below you'll find some tips on how to masturbate for women.
Difficulty: N/A
Time Required: 30 minutes to several hours
Here's How:Download Link Here

1. Get yourself in the mood for masturbation.
Relax as much as you can.Take a warm bath or have a glass of wine. Ensure your privacy: turn off the phone, lock the door, send the kids to a neighbor's. Find a comfy position. Most women start out lying on their backs, legs bent and spread apart, with feet on the ground. Remove most or all of your clothing.

2. Fantasize for masturbation.
Recall an exciting past sexual encounter or elaborate on a favorite sexual fantasy. If you need a boost, look at a sexy magazine, read an erotic story, or watch an adult video. Allow your mind to explore any images--anything goes as long as it heightens your excitement.

3. Explore all parts of your body.
Run your hands along parts of your body, lingering along areas that are more responsive to touch than others. Look at your genitals in a mirror (especially if you're unfamiliar with them) and caress the different parts to see what feels especially good. Find and touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris, your vagina and your perineum.

4. Touch yourself.
Using one or two fingers, rhythmically stroke the different parts of your vulva, paying particular attention to your clitoris and labia. Experiment with different types of pressure, speed and motion. Try placing a finger on either side of the clitoris and stroking up and down, or placing two fingers on the clitoral hood and rubbing in a circular motion.

5. Experiment.
Try different types of touch: stroke, tickle, knead, pinch, or lightly pull your genitals. Try using one or several fingers, the palm of your hand, even your knuckles.

6. Build up excitement.
Learn to hold onto sexual excitement by building up and then reducing or temporarily stopping the stimulation. Pay attention to how your body is responding. It will tell you the particular stroke that feels best and when to pick up or slow down the tempo.

7. Breathe and rock.
Breathe deeply rather than hold your breath. This helps release the sexual energy, rather than fight it. Rock your pelvis as you would during intercourse. Rhythmically clench and release your PC muscle (using a dildo for vaginal penetration can help).

8. Getting over the top.
If your hand gets tired, give yourself a rest, switch hands, or try a vibrator. If you're on the brink of orgasm, but can't quite get over the hump, try altering you’re breathing, or focusing on a really hot fantasy. Give yourself extra stimulation: caress your nipples, or try also thrusting your other fingers or a dildo in and out of your vagina.

9. Ride the Wave.
As you begin to orgasm, continue the stimulation through the orgasm. Lighten up on the stimulation during the first extremely sensitive moments but keep it going to enjoy those little pleasurable aftershocks. Your first orgasm may feel like a blip or a blast, but the more you practice, the more variety you will experience.

10. Practice makes for perfect masturbation.
Don't worry if you don't come on your first try, keep practicing, or try some of the variations below.


1. Vibrators take some of the manual labor out of masturbation by providing direct, intense physical stimulation to the clitoris.

2. Water helps many women learn to masturbate. Lie back with legs spread in a bath with a shower hose and direct the stream of water at your clitoris. Vary the pressure, the pulsation, and the temperature. Alternate methods: slide your butt over the drain so your legs are up in the air and your genitals are up under the tub faucet (rather awkward but do-able), or use Jacuzzi jets.

3. Rub against something--a pillow, the corner of some furniture, a dildo.

4. Dildos can be a pleasurable accompaniment to clitoral masturbation, as they offer the fullness of penetration and can also stimulate the G-Spot.

How To Masturbate for Men
Masturbation is considered by many to be the cornerstone of sexual health. Most men believe that they already know everything about their own genitals and sexual response. It’s all out there, boys will be boys, etc. But just because you know how your tools work, doesn’t mean you can build the Eiffel Tower. In fact most men experience a fraction of their full erotic and orgasmic potential. Read on for simple and fun tips on how to masturbate for men.
Difficulty: N/A
Time Required: Male masturbation doesn't have to always be a "quick affair". Take your time and enjoy.
Here's How:Download Link Here

1. Make time for more than a quickie.
Most guys first learn to masturbate in secret and furtive ways. They do it quickly and need to figure out what to do with the evidence afterward. This can create a powerful pattern of masturbating quickly, without paying attention to where your sexual arousal can take you. To start exploring something different, make sure you have some extended time and privacy for yourself, where you aren’t trying to finish quick before someone interrupts.

2. Turn off the porn (just for a while) and tune into your body.
Not everyone likes porn, but a lot of guys do, and while porn can be great, it also takes you out of your body a bit with the fantasy. This can distract you from what’s actually happening in your body. You don’t need to throw the porn away, but for a few times, masturbate without porn, and objectify yourself for a change!

3. Do a…dry…run through.
Bad pun aside, it’s a good idea to try the above suggestions, and then just masturbate as you normally would. As you do this pay attention:
* Changes in your breathing: Does it become shallow and quick, slower and deeper?
* Changes in your body: is there tension in some places, and relaxation in others? Is this the same every time you masturbate?
* How does it feel just before you have an orgasm?
* How does it feel as you orgasm, and immediately post-orgasm?

4. Time to switch it up.
Men learn early in their lives the most effective way to get themselves off. And most never waver from the utilitarian approach to self love. But sex is less like a well oiled machine, and more like a chaotic food fair, where there is an endless selection of ways to satisfy your appetites. So it’s time to throw a wrench in the works and shake up your routine. Try any combination of the following suggestions:

5. Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing?
Do you always use the same one hand to masturbate? Most guys do. If you’re among them, start with the simple tip of switching hands. It can feel strange at first, the rhythm might be off, it’s almost like sex with someone new for the first time. Enjoy the newness, and see if a new hand can teach an old hand some tricks.

6. Experiment with positions.
If you aren’t an experimental type, it’s time to start. If you’re used to masturbating lying down on your back, try sitting up. If you normally sit in a chair, try standing, or kneeling. As with all these changes, this might feel ridiculous at first, and you’ll probably go back to old faithful, but see what masturbation feels like in different positions, and notice if it brings with it any new sensations.

7. Get your hips moving.
The way your body moves when you masturbate is probably very different from the way it moves when you’re having sex with someone else. Many men don’t move at all when they masturbate. Try to move your hips when you masturbate, simulating the thrusting of intercourse. Notice how moving your hips in different ways can bring you closer to, and at times take you farther away from, the point of orgasm.

8. Use different hand strokes.
Most men learn early on that a vigorous stroke does the trick. This intense up and down stimulation usually ends in a good orgasm. But there are dozens of other strokes that each bring with them different sensations, and different orgasms. Roll your penis in between your hands, moving your hands up and down your shaft. Try using long twisting strokes instead of just up and down. Experiment with different movements, pressures, and speeds.

9. Explore your shaft.
While most of the nerve endings on the penis are at the head, and specifically the frenulum, many men will have spots on their shaft that are unusually sensitive. Try putting one hand at the base of your penis and press it towards your body while experimenting with different hand strokes along the shaft of your penis. Treat this like a treasure hunt, and try to feel the difference between one side and the other, between stimulation near the base and up near the tip.

10. Reach around, yourself.
For many men the balls (testicles) are a very sensitive area that responds well to feelings of touch and pressure. Take your forefinger and thumb and make them in a circle at the top of your scrotum. Gently tug on your scrotum as your masturbating. This is both a way to prevent you from ejaculating and a way to extend sexual feelings in your body. Experiment with other kinds of touch including tickling, scratching, and rubbing.

11. Check out the neighborhood.
While the penis and scrotum tend to be the epicenter of masturbatory attention, if you’re looking to open things up a bit, be sure to take a tour of some other nearby areas. The perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus, is very sensitive to pressure and massage, and rubbing it provides external prostate stimulation. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to explore the anus, both externally and by using a finger for penetration.

12. Bring it all together.
Not everything you try is going to do it for you, but the idea behind the above tips is to try lots of different things, and then incorporate whatever you like into the ways you regularly masturbate. Maybe it’s a different stroke, or position, or breathing technique. Obviously there is no one, correct way to masturbate, and even if you’ve got something that works for you, consider the fact that there could be more out there if you experiment with it.


1. Another myth about male masturbation is that you shouldn’t use anything other than you hand. While your hand might be doing the trick, adding some accessories can make the stimulation even more intense, and inspire more creativity with yourself, and with partners.
2. Get a good quality personal lubricant . If it’s only for masturbation you can use something that’s oil based without worrying about condom compatibility. Oil based products are better because they won’t dry up.
3. Add a sex toy into the mix. It might be a vibrator, a dildo, or a cock ring (if you’ve never tried one I recommend trying one on your own before you use it with a partner). Sex toys can add a completely new kind of stimulation, and accentuate the manual stimulation your doing.

Masturbation the solution to HIV crisis
Are you also shocked by the statistics given about Zimbabwe? Are we not marching right into a wall, with the HIV/AIDS pandemic blighting a country already grappling with many other problems?

In Zimbabwe the pandemic is reported to be causing the deaths of more than 5000 people each week. A significantly large part of the population is infected; reports say 1 in every 5.Download Link Here

The enormity of the pandemic has among many other effects, fuelled a rapid growth in the number of orphans which has swelled to well over 2 million making ours the country with the highest number of orphans per capita in the world.

Since the 1990s, the HIV/AIDS virus has slashed the average life expectancy from 61 to about 28 years. It is reported that only about 40 000 people are on anti-retroviral drugs out of a possible 180 000.

And more than 2 000 people are reported to be getting infected every month. The health delivery system is almost dysfunctional to an extent that most sick people do not seek treatment. The news we then hear of Zimbabwe’s declining HIV prevalence should therefore be met not only with scepticism but also confusion in view of the country’s volatile political and economic climate.

The statistics so presented could be seriously skewed. What do the true statistics reveal about the Zimbabwean scenario? These statistics provide an insight into what is happening in Zimbabwe. Most people are still taking a very casual approach to the HIV/AIDS issue despite the devastating impact it has had on the country. Multiple sexual relationships are still so much in practise, with most using them as a strategy to temporarily evade the stress brought about by the economic and social hardships they are subjected to.

And most people believe that they are just too smart to be at risk. Most marriages in Zimbabwe still come about as a result of pregnancy, thus clearly indicating that premarital unprotected sex is still so much in practise, for most without prior HIV testing, which is in most cases still much resented.

In any case the issue of HIV testing looses its intended purpose if partners will still engage in multiple unprotected sexual relationships after the testing. Zimbabwe’s escalating HIV/AIDS statistics only but reveal that a lot is happening behind the scenes, which people deny; a lot of cheating in relations.

For Zimbabweans most of the HIV infections are a result of multiple sexual relationships. In cases where people are aware that they are HIV positive, most do not disclose to their partners and instead choose to infect them. It then becomes imperative that every one question themselves about the issue of trust; how much trust should we vest in our partners, if any trust at all, or should we not only but trust God? More so given that the HIV virus is notorious for its capability to ‘hide’ in the blood stream for the longest time without having any of its symptoms showing up.

It appears most Zimbabweans so often a time unnecessarily discard their entire thought systems, thought systems on issues which affect them, about one’s tomorrow, about the importance of health and many other pertinent issues; there is inherent in most, an unwillingness to use their powers of observation and reasoning.

There is slowness to react to changing situations in one’s environment and there is also some form of passivity; an attitude which also raises its ugly head through the lack of mass public action over the turmoil bedevilling the country, politically, socially and economically.

Where then are we heading as a nation? Are we not facing a bleak future? In 5 to 10 years time, are we not likely to have ¾ of the population infected with HIV or wiped away by AIDS? Unless of cause if people are going to take very urgent drastic shifts in behaviour. What we observe should not however be a source of despair and discouragement.

Instead we should exploit these observations to our advantage; use them as a source of encouragement- as a fuel that will drive the engine of change- change in the ways we have been running our lives, change in our focus in life, change in our perception of issues.

Because we are the change agents, we are the ones who can and will make a difference, the ones who can shape our own destiny. We need to have a sense of responsibility through taking ownership of our own destiny. What weapon and shield then can we use for survival as a nation?

Does not the solution lie in us rediscovering ourselves, re-identifying ourselves, getting to know ourselves better, revisiting our choices in line with the changing environment that we are surviving in and are exposed to? And it is all about really revisiting our choices when it comes to the subject of sex; each one asking themselves whether there is anything to lose through revisiting their route to sexual appeasement.

Should not then the solution lie in protected sex for all those engaging in sex, married and unmarried; total abstinence for others and/or masturbation? For Zimbabwe at least, it downs to me that we adopt these options. We have certainly reached this last resort. This now stands as our only last option on our set of cards, our one and only hope for survival.

Masturbation remains the only safe and healthy sexual outlet other than abstinence. Furthermore it is argued that the self-stimuli derived from masturbation are equally self- comforting and sexual arousing.

So there is nothing really to lose, should one resort to this option. If anything they have a better guarantee of a long life. In the light of the frightening HIV/AIDS scenario, we are strongly advocating masturbation for Zimbabweans; masturbation, the only clean way to sexual appeasement.

Whilst the condom has generally been promoted as clean, there is always room for some exchange of dirt between partners. In any case; there are always some people, Zimbabweans too who need no partners in life, those who are happier alone. And yet they may have never heard about masturbation.

So, with the elections coming up in a couple of days to come; the new Government in waiting should in addition to the female and male condom, also avail affordable or free vibrators and promote masturbation for the Zimbabweans who want to remain clean, and yet also get sexual appeasement. Whilst some may argue that it is not in line with our African culture, yet still, we are here looking at the devastating effects that sex has brought unto the African and how we can deal with it.

In as much as we, Africans do not like talking about such issues as sex, yet still the truth remains, we have it behind the scenes, in hiding, and we are contracting the deadly virus. That reminds me how often some of us in open claim not to be indulging, yet we get the evidence through pregnancy.

Should we not revisit and adjust our culture so as to live? The new Zimbabwean Minister had better look into this if she wants us to live longer. For the married who desire to have children, unprotected sex could only be practised immediately upon undergoing HIV testing.

Why rule out this option, when we are responsible for reducing the matrimonial bed to a mere venue for receiving the HIV virus? In as much as these solutions may sound extreme, we find it imperative to highlight that as a nation, Zimbabwe is now at a Choice Point. We have reached that critical juncture where we now have to make that crucial choice; that choice which will determine one’s span of life.

Desired now are solutions which suit our nation well, a peculiar nation whose statistics have reached extreme levels; a nation worst hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a nation ranking last in almost all developmental issues. So it is up to you, the ball is in your court really to make your choice this very day before it is too late.

The writer is based in Belgium and she can be reached at

Case studies on HIV-AIDS in Cambodia
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During a 6 month period, Egyptian photographer Morsi visited AIDS wards in seven Cambodian hospitals where he met Cambodians, mostly women, who had contracted the virus. He ended up spending months with patients focusing on the human side of their tragedy. Women covered in these story are all dead now, but others have taken their place.

Over half of the world’s 40 million HIV-infected victims are in their adult productive prime of their life. Every year more than 11,000 more people get infected with HIV. While the eastern European countries and Asia are experiencing an alarming increase in the numbers of victims, Africa south of the Sahara has 25 million known cases which is so far the hardest hit area around the world. In Ukraine the number of people diagnosed with HIV has more than doubled since 2000 and today the country has the hardest hit in Europe. In Cambodia also it is estimated that around 1% of the population have HIV- AIDS, although the real numbers might be much higher. The women in Cambodia are facing one of the hardest cultural challenges in Asia; the cultural code “Chbap Srey”* from the mid 19th century, placing them at a lower position than men. This code also contributes to the fact, that Cambodia has the highest rates of domestic violence with thousand of women are being raped, tortured and physically abused by their husband or close male relatives. Women are not bound by law to obey the cultural code, but it also does not protect them from the invasive punishment they encounter from there society.

Srey Pleng
The Srey Sophorn hospital was filled with noise and the smell of disinfectants. Next to an old Toyota Land cruiser, belonging to the French MSF, people were eating lunch with the smell of burnt corpses from the nearby Buddhist crematorium. At the back of the complex I found hospital’s AIDS ward. The patientswith HIV- AIDS seemed pale and exhausted. Every movement required extreme effort and most of the patients just hung out. Most looked like they didn’t notice the world around them, however, every time I entered the room I was met with a stream of careful smiles. They moved Srey Pleng to another room, due to the lack of space. She didn’t like it. It was the male ward. Srey Pleng was 49 years old and was tested positive a year ago she got the infection from her husband few years before He died. Her youngest daughter Luot Sal Lge comes every day to take care of her mother and doesn’t attend any school. When I saw Srey for the first time, she had just been carried into the room, wrapped in her hammock. She looked like a human, whose soul had already found a channel out of her physical body. She had open wounds in her nose and mouth and flies were relentlessly trying to sit on the wounds.

Luot sat behind her mom and watched me. She then tapped her mom on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Srey opened her eyes and stared straight into me. Then she smiled with great effort. With this the end of her lips cracked and blood accumulated into a large drop which slowly crept down her cheek. I asked her if she was angry at her husband. My interpreter translated her tears: ‘No, she has forgiven him’.

Rom Chantol
Rom Chantol was 29 years old at the worn out ‘Russian hospital’ in Phnom Penh. The crowded hallways make this place look like city hall. If relatives didn’t come to look after their loved ones, the system would collapse and patients would not receive the care they need.

Rom was strongly affected by the diseases. She looked like a malnourished child in the wide wooden IKEA bed but she smiled at me all the time and made my time with her a pleasure.

Like the rest of the women I met, Rom came from a small village. In her case the Preveng district, not far from Phnom Penh. Her husband, unlike her, didn’t have full blown AIDS, but he has had HIV for the last 4 years. Rom was a housewife and didn’t know she had AIDS until the last stage. Her family took her to a clinic where a blood sample confirmed the doctors’ initial diagnosis. Her husband admitted having unprotected sex with a prostitute and a week later his test also came out positive. Working in the the salt mines in Kampot; South Cambodia her husband was aware about AIDS before the fatal visit to a prostitute, but he was drunk in a small town with no contraceptives at hand and hadn’t seen his wife for six weeks
“But what do I know about time and money?

Rom Chantol dreams her disease would disappear.

“I dream about my little garden before I go to bed – every day”, she said. “I have onions, cabbage and watermelons but I guess the kids in the village have probably eaten the whole lot by now” and then she laughed gently.

She was very angry with her husband in the beginning.

“Buddha shows me the way and that’s how women are raised in Cambodia. I have to forgive my husband. That’s just the way it is”. I asked her what she wanted to tell other women about AIDS, she replied. “Some women are better at taking care of their husband than I was. They must also remember to look after themselves”.

Rom Chantol had only fallen in love with one man in her entire life and married him. This man became the reason for her end. He came and slept on the floor next to her every day and when I asked him what he thought would happen he replied. “I come here to see what will happen to me”

Chan Sokny

The last patient I want to talk about is Chan Sokny. He is 34 years old and caught the disease from his first wife, who died ‘mysteriously’. Then he married his next wife and transmitted the virus to her. After he had been diagnosed HIV positive, Chan visited more than 20 girls over a period of six months.
He always had unprotected sex and if the girl refused he would find someone else. Usually a double payment (less than three American dollars) would turn on any girl.

Chan Sokny was at Calmette, the largest hospital in Cambodia and the central hospital in Phnom Penh. Even with the usual crowds it was a fair place, not as worn out and dirty as the Russian hospitals. The room was filled with families cooking for their relatives. People sat on the beds and the floor and leftover scraps and buckets of spits littered underneath the beds. Chan Sokny wanted me to tell his story so they didn’t make the same mistake. Regarding the multiple visits with the prostitutes he replied. “I was angry with my wife. My first wife. I was angry at women. My interpreter and now close friend added that anger was a very bad thing in Buddhism. “Every day I dream the same dream. I am swimming with my friends in the river. We did that every day. I still do it” he said. In the time I sat with him that day he never spoke a single word to his wife. She looked at him, but he never looked in her in the eyes. Not once.

Are we really that different as individuals or do we act on predetermined patterns of society and what they allow us? Why could these men not protect themselves and their wives? How could the women forgive them? Are our dreams and thoughts similar when we are faced with death? Why do we dream about our childhood and why do dreams turn simple when faced with the inevitable and probably the opposite when our daily lives turn trivial? This are some of the questions I ask myself when I think back about those people.

This article has been perceived and photographed by Morsi, an Egyptian photographer and written Tiarna-lee Hughes, a freelance Writer

*Chbap srey stipulates that an ideal woman (srey krab lakkana) is shy and reserved,does not go out alone and moves quietly without making a noise with her silk skirt, but can identify the merits of her husband and provide him with tactful advice. Chbap srey also stipulates ideal female sexuality: that is women should remain chaste until marriage, and, once married, should be faithful to their husbands. Mohammad Khairul Alam

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has developed into a major warning to human development— mainly in the poorest countries of the world. It spreads out depend on several social custom or norm prejudicial practice, such as gender discrimination, sexual violence, early marriage, trafficking, unsafe sex or exploitation of sex workers, transmission of other STDs, intravenous/injection drug uses. Socio-economic position and illiteracy also can makes vulnerable for HIV/AIDS. It is not only a public health issue but also one which is beginning to affect the dynamics of social, cultural, economic and developmental pace of the society we live in.

In the early days of the epidemic, men vastly outnumbered women among people infected with HIV. In 1997, women made up 41% of all people living with HIV. Today, nearly 50 percent of the global population of HIV infected persons are women. AIDS is now a leading cause of death among women aged 20-40 in Europe and North America. Worldwide, half of all new HIV infections are in young people aged 10 to 25, with teenager girls in some places as much as five times more at risk than teenager boys. The epidemic’s ‘feminization’ is most apparent in sub-Saharan Africa, where close to 60% of those infected are women, and 75% of young people infected are girls aged 15-24.

Being a girl or a boy, a woman or man, influences the nature of the risk for contracting HIV/AIDS and how a person experiences it. First, women are more physically susceptible to HIV/AIDS infection than men – male-to-female transmission during sex is about twice as likely to occur as female-to-male transmission. However, relatively simple precautions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission during sexual activity, so this physiologic disadvantage is not a sufficient explanation for the rising inconsistency in the way men and women are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

African women are 2.5 times more likely to become HIV-infected than their male counterparts. This vulnerability to the disease is heightened by the high-risk behavior of the men; due primarily to inadequate knowledge about HIV/AIDS, poor resource-base and insufficient access to HIV prevention services, inability to negotiate safer sex and a lack of female-controlled HIV prevention methods including microbicides. Among the women, this situation is most noticeable among women during their childbearing ages of 15-Up.

There are larger numbers of commercial female sex workers (CSWs) is operating all over the country, Bangladesh, significantly increases the risk of bridging the high risk groups and moving infection into the general population. Men, who frequently visit commercial sex areas and have sex with female sex workers and also with their wives, function as a bridging population and significantly aid the confluence of HIV/STDs into the general population. While, the majority of AIDS cases In Bangladesh are the results of needle sharing.

Commercial sex is often considered as the highest risk segment of the population whereby one could get HIV or STD due to the high-risk sex activity itself and the often-additional injurious high-risk behaviors practiced by sex workers e.g. IDU. CSWs are the principal transmitters of HIV in many countries.

In some countries, including Bangladesh, presence of prostitution and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is systematically denied, being considered a taboo by the majority of the society. There is no official record of the prevalence of residence base & fleeting sex workers in Bangladesh. Lack of any reliable records of the underground sex industry makes the data shaky. Sex workers in Bangladesh are suffering from unavailability of medical services and knowledge about STIs. Social stigmatization stops these resource-deprived women from seeking proper medical care.

In Bangladesh, commercial female sex workers (CSWs) are among the most vulnerable groups. Most of them CSWs are the age of teen. Their profession exposes them to tremendous risk and increases the likelihood of their partners/customers also being infected. The Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation and ‘Society for Humanitarian Assistance & Rights Protection’ (SHARP) jointly survey focuses on the attitude, behavior and practice of commercial sex workers in Goalondo Brothel, this study did point out that almost 53% of sex workers enter the profession before the age of 20 years, and 30% enter between 20 to 25 years of age.

Bangladesh is still considered as a low HIV/AIDS prevalent country; but everyone buying sex in Bangladesh is having unprotected sex some of the time, and a large majority don’t use condoms regularly. The fourth national surveillance also found a high prevalence of syphilis among female sex workers. The same floating sex workers in central Bangladesh who had a 0.5 percent prevalence of HIV, for example, had a 42.7 percent prevalence of syphilis. Bangladesh mostly needs comprehensive approach to both sex worker’s rights and deal with HIV/AIDS crises. HIV/AIDS prevention programme, to be truly effective, must include parallel economic and educational initiatives for sex workers. If HIV continues to infect sex workers, it will have an all-round effect on our economic development and also on the overall income of the family. Because, sex workers in Bangladesh gets a high number of client in a week.

References: WHO, UNICEF, CDC

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