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my sperm is ejaculating automatically in sleeping, sometimes with some dreams,2 or 3 tyms in a month it goes,i dont used to masturbate & i dont like to do, is there anyway to stop this ejaculating in sleep:-( help me plzz OR is there anything wrong in me,, no, gold wont do that.

How old are you? It sounds like you are young and just hitting puberty. The feelings you have will change with development, what seems strange now will become desirable soon.sorry, i dont want to change, am 24, i have already passed the sex feelings i dont tat feeling i want to get rid tat feelings from my ming, can any1 help me...
Dear amaan,

I don't mean to hurt your feelings, and I definitely don't want you to feel bad about yourself, but there is one thing you have to accept: Sexual activity is part of the design of the human body, especially men's. It's a function that must performed by your body.

Think of it much the same way as peeing - your body produces a substance which it thinks should be put to good use - that means, making children. Of course, men are not making children all the time, but human nature is not developing as fast as human society. So, even if you decide that you don't want to have sex, the sperm has to come out. This is especially true for men of our age (I'm 20), but I'm not sure about older people. I can tell you that what you describe is normal for men of our age. I have had experiences during times when I decided not to masturbate, and I had the same kind of nightly ejaculations about every two weeks. This is a _natural function of the body_, and stopping it would be unhealthy - just like not going to pee.

About the dreams - Again, the male body is designed for making children. To achieve this, sperm comes from the penis when it's inside a woman - in other words, when the man is feeling a great pleasure and comfort. Now, if it happens the other way around, when sperm is ejaculated simply because it's time, it happens during your sleep when your mind is very "relaxed", and you have a great feeling (for a short time). This is a _normal function of the mind_.

Now, there could be many reasons why you feel you don't want to have sex. It could be for religious feelings, because people around you and people you respect tell you that it's wrong or simply because you've had bad experiences and feel you want to do without sex. But still, you have to accept that there are natural functions you body performs at our age. To prevent them would be unhealthy.

And after all, it doesn't make you dirty or bad if something happens to you which happens to everybody and which you can't control.

It sounds like you experienced some kind of trauma which makes you not want to have sex or physical relations with anyone else. It is very normal to have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) and sexual thoughts, etc. If doing these things bothers you, you need to talk to someone who will listen to you.

Let me repeat: Amaan84, you need to talk to someone about your feelings. Those feelings you have are not normal, everything else you are doing IS normal.


P.S., no, wearing of gold will not keep you from having sexual thoughts. I wear a wedding ring (gold) and a gold necklace with a cross on it, and I think about it all the time.
let me tell u 1 thing... what happens in our world... sex is designed keep human generation... but,... whats going around the world.... it seems like not to keep human generation, but to keep sexual feelings... only because of this sexual feeling our world & people went to wrong.... son doing sex with mother, father doing daughter, man doing with animal.... its better to die... u may call me mad... whatever... just think about it in a good manner what i told.... am i true???? its ur wish to do sex or not to do... but i wish not to do & have such a relationship... i wont marry & i will live without those feelings....

let it be like this only, i will control my feelings, am not bother about anything that happens in me like sexual or any other way...

Yes, sex is designed for reproduction - but it is also a wonderful thing that brings man and woman together. And yes, I also agree with your point that around the world people are having sex way too frequently and for all of the wrong reasons. And thirdly, yes, the perversions that we see are sometimes terrible and unbelieveable.

However, to deny yourself this pleasure because of what you see in society is wrong. Don't deny yourself the possibility that one day you might meet the right woman and want to get married, and yes, have sex (make love is a better term) with her.

You are your own person, and can make your own choices. It would be sad to hear that you denied yourself such intimacy with another person because of what you see in society. But if that's your choice, it's your choice. I would still talk to someone else (mother, father, brother, sister, someone) about your feelings if I were in your shoes.

Good luck whatever you do. I can understand your point amaan but, it was not the sexual desires that cause men to do wrong it is the inability to control these desires, there are many men and women who do not consider sex a possibility until marriage and some that have taken a vow of celibacy, all these people have and will contiune to have sexual desires that is okay and natural and cannot be stopped as it is human, what to do with these desires on the other hand is where society ,I'll admit, has strayed. Like your insestual and beastual examples
But honestly if you seek to eliminate it you will harm yourself not only physically but mentally you must learn to accept the feelings but control them, and if you say you don't masturbate your... well... already pretty good in the control department
thnx for all

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