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March 2008
Let’s Talk about Sex
BN’s very own Health & Fitness Editor gives you the facts on sex health and fitness
By Jasmin Guleria
Download Link HereWith all the books, web sites, and darling talk show hosts giving us tips on how to keep it hot, tasty, fresh, and healthy in the bedroom, it’s a fair assumption that some of us might be overwhelmed! Here are some simple must-do’s that only a fitness-savvy foodie fashionista could appreciate.

Fuel Up Dear Foodies:
nterestingly enough, the foods that are bad for your regular diet are bad for your sexual appetite as well! Avoid excessive sugar, salt, saturated fat, coffee, tobacco, and highly processed foods. This junk is linked to frigidity, difficulty reaching an orgasm and even, horrors of horrors, a lack of interest in sex!

To keep you at your peak sexual performance, ditch the burger at lunch and opt for a salad filled with grilled Alaskan Salmon, tomatoes, avocados, zucchini, and cauliflower. End your meal with a tangy-sweet orange. The veggies will keep your blood sugar level stable and thus happy and healthy for sex, while a citrus fruit such as the orange will do wonders for your sexual appetite! Also, salmon is a huge factor for sex because it is full of Essential Fatty Acids, which are crucial for the production of female sex hormones. You can also get your EFA’s from flaxseeds, fish oils, and primrose.

Aside from their inner sexual appetite, women are often curious about what to eat to make them taste and smell better in the nether regions. According to popular belief, the sweet and sugary pineapple is the #1 fruit that will keep your significant other eager to head south. But don’t take our word on it ladies, on your next date-night skip the after-dinner chocolate soufflé, pick up a bowl of this tropical delight, and see where the night takes you. Now that’s one dessert I could get used to!

Finally, just like our everyday health, taking vitamins is crucial for optimal sex health and enjoyment. 30 minutes before sex, pop in Vitamins E and B to help you get to the ever-coveted Big O.

Fitness-Mavens Rejoice:
Just like any other body part, your pelvic muscles need conditioning and strengthening exercises as well. Kegel Exercises will not only intensify and increase the number of your orgasms, but they also help get your PC muscles (the muscles around your pelvic bone) ready for birthing and help the uber painful process pass a bit more easily.

To find your PC muscles just remember the last time you had to wait to pee and clenched to hold it in. Those clenched muscles are your PC muscles, and clenching them is a kegel! Easy enough, no? Start off slow by seeing how many Kegels you can do before your muscles start to feel tired. Just like any other muscle, keep working on your endurance by increasing reps and sets. Experts say that if you can work up to 3 sets of 30 strong squeezes four times a week, you’re golden.

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