Friday, May 1, 2009

pheww!! :) a pictorial tribute to the Euro '08

after years of heartbreak

and ages of disappointment

Spain won euro 2008 in superb fashion - standing up to Germany's physical approach and playing a beautiful game to win one-nil in 90mins.

the Germans tried everything. including dubious freekick defence

but the Matadors were not to be denied.

all in was a SUPERB tournament, with lots of drama, great football and hot, sweaty men.

suspense was high.

tears were shed

wounds were licked.

some had to sell the shirts off their backs to buy tickets!

others were obviously mugged and stolen.

but police kept a tight rein on things.

the heavens couldn't help Oranje

but beer! continued helping the world's shy people.

underarm deodarant sales went through the roof,

mouthwash was optional

and butt cheeks got cold and had to be put back in

security was tight

Turkey proved they belong with the best

the nouveau-rich thought "bling" was better than face paint

and Ferguson finally understands why Ronaldo wants to come back to the Med

as the rest of Europe got along famously

football has officially evolved. after the French won the World Cup by exploiting the "man-in-the-hole" with Zidane playing deep, and Makalele in a holding role, every team and his wife started using it.

no more.

teams from Holland to Poland are playing some variant of 4-5-1, with winning the midfield key.

the "super-sub" is now de-rigeur - one or two key players who come on after the 65th minute and deliver the KNOCKOUT blow.

Fateh Terim proved this to devastating effect in the tournament, but the last laugh goes to 70yr-old Aragones, who's squad is so rich in talent he could afford to play Cesc Fabregas as a late sub.

sigh .. i miss the days when i used to paint my face the colours of Selangor and Malaysia. when every kid who wanted to play defender was Soh Chin Aun.

every striker Mokhtar Dahari.

every goalkeeper Arumugam. regardless of race. religion or creed.

i miss the days when my country was proud, and proud of itself.

i wonder when we'll be there again.

meanwhile i owe the handsome Hanson and elegant Elaine breakfast. sigh ... congratulations Sebastian (mediavilla).. now get some rest. :)

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