Friday, May 1, 2009

Japan Model news today

Aki Hoshino promotes new DVD photo book
Monday 07th April, 06:52 AM JST
Pin-up model Aki Hoshino, 31, has just released her new DVD photo book “SNEAKER LOVER” in Tokyo. Hoshino, who calls herself “the oldest bikini model,” said, “I always wear jeans and sneakers on my days off.”
Asked how she maintains her beauty, she said, “Caring for my health, rather than age, is the most important thing. I also keep up with my daily ‘oppai taiso’ (breast exercise), holding and pressing my palms in front of my breasts.”

Thursday 23rd April, 07:52 AM JST
Model Satoko Miyata, 20, throws the opening pitch for the Nippon Ham-Softbank game at Tokyo Dome on Wednesday night.

Wednesday 29th April, 02:29 PM JST
“Talent” Yuko Ogura, 25, wears one of 10 wedding dresses she designed for her label You Priere, her first foray into fashion design. Ogura, popularly known as Yukorin, said she would like to be married by the age of 28 and ride with her handsome prince in a strawberry-colored carriage.

Meisa Kuroki not afraid to get naked in 'Onna Nobunaga'
Wednesday 29th April, 05:09 AM JST
TOKYO — Actress Meisa Kuroki, 20, will star in “Onna Nobunaga,” a play co-starring Shunichi Okamura and the first dramatic rendition of the historic novel by Naoki Award-winning author Kenichi Sato, in which the famous warlord Oda Nobunaga is depicted as a woman.
When asked about her role as Nobunaga, the actress declared boldly, “Okumura told me, ‘You’re going to have to take off your clothes!’ and I’m prepared for that and want to do my best.”
At a press conference promoting the play, co-star Junichi Ishida, 55, who plays the role of Dosan Saito, revealed that he recently met his daughter Sumire for the first time in 10 years. He commented happily that the 22-year-old model, whose mother is Ishida’s ex-wife Chiaki Matsubara, said, “She’s a huge fan of Kuroki, and I got a lot of points when I told her we’re acting in this play together!”
Performances will run from June 5-21 at Tokyo’s Aoyama Theater, and from June 26-28 at Osaka’s Theater Bravia.

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