Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Galina Organza Tea-length Dress and What Of Marriage

7 Essense Couture Collection Silk Gown and Ephesians

Essense Couture collection Silk Gown Back

Back View

This is a very lovely silk gown in Essense Couture Collection. It’s been said that silk lovers are crazy about everything made by silk. If you are one of them and going to step into the altar, I’m sure you’re looking for silk wedding dresses. This dress is simple in design, smooth in material and elegant in appearance. Hope you like it.

Essense Couture Collection Italian Metallic Gown and The Prayer

9 Ella Bridals by Essense Satin Gown and Perfect Love

Ella Bridals by Essense have plenty of gorgeous wedding dresses in its store but we pick only one, which is the best, to be featured here in 1 Weddings Readings final showdown. For brides who dislike conventional wedding dresses in pure ivory or white or some other color, try this Ella Bridals Satin Gown with red stripes beautifully sewn.

From #66 to #10 best wedding dress your tank of wedding vocabulary should be overflown thus we will focus more on our weddings readings section. We have Perfect Love by an unknown author. Some people have fallen on stony ground in their pursuit of love and might no longer believe in love. I wish to send this wedding readings to those who has ever failed in love. Angels would bless and rekindle again the faith in them. They would be homeward bound once they find their prince or princess in their lives. Love~

Organza tea-length dress with metallic embroidery and ribbon accent at waist

Organza tea-length dress with metallic embroidery and ribbon accent at waist

This is the last bridal gown designed by our beloved fashion designer, Galina. We will be in our final countdown after this. I hope you have seen enough beautiful wedding dresses in Galina series featured here. Let’s dissect the beauty of the above dress. A tea-length dress is always appealing in the sense that it reflects the casual elegance which is hard to achieve. How so? Galina has to embellish it with metallic embroidery and a very lovely ribbon tied at waist. In brief, this wedding dress is so sensual and suitable for brides who look elegance and glittering, love simplicity and casualness.

Organza tea-length dress with metallic embroidery and ribbon accent at waist

Organza: A delicate, sheer fabric, often layered or worn over another fabric because of its transparent quality.

Tea Length: A gown or skirt with a hem that falls between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf (several inches above the ankle) creating a look that is elegant, yet casual.

We are here in our weddings readings section again. I’m sure you will love this readings though it is not the type of super romantic but rather insightful. It’s good to update our knowledge tank of love occasionally. We have What Of Marriage by Kahlil Gilbran. I hope you enjoy this one and find it helpful in your love life. Love~

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