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វ់ាង ស្រីណូ Vang Sreyno

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This article is an interview with Vang Sreyno.

1. Vang Sreyno stated that she started to enter entertainment world since 2004. During that time she had face many obstacles but this is what her dreams and want she wants to do since she was young.

2. The question ask what kinds of obstacle she had faced. The obstacles she had face includes scene that require her to film under the sun, wind, and rain. There is a scene that need to film at night according to the director. The problems that keep on continue was the rumor and majority of them are not true. These rumors had affected me emotionally.

3. The question asks how she solved those problems. In the past I had faced many problems but I successfully solved those problems by be patient and struggle. The others patrt was my family who was there to support me and give me a good advices. All of these had me strength to continue on.

4. Until now, you had played many movie such as Human or ghost, Mansion?, Destiny…etc. Among these movies, which one is your favorite? And why? All of the movie I played, I like all of it but the movie that I like best was “Human or ghost”. The reason I like this movie because it I had put my best effort to it. This film was first started with a scene that required being under sun, film in the forest, and film at night and sometime last until morning. Especially when I film the scene with ghost hunting, it made me felt that it was real. Another part was when the scene that talked about the people mistook me as a ghost and a scene when they brought a group of people to come and tie me up and hit me with the cow string that big as a thumb, I felt very painful that made me cry for real. My mom also cries as well and felt sad for me as she watch me from a far while I film this scene. And when we almost finish filming the movie, I received a bad reputation based on the using of technology that created my picture like I was naked for real. That is the time that majority of the people mistook me that I was filming with a naked body. But the true is just picture that was cut and paste. After that I give presentation related to those pictures, some people believed and some are not. Until the movie show in the theater then the true is reveal that I did not film with a naked body. The important part was that I received an experience in life and my job.

5. How many time you got hit? In each movie, what scene is the most difficult for you? During that time I cannot count how many times I got hit. I just know that each time they hit me; I felt very painful. The most difficult scene for me was in the movie “ Human or ghost” it was a scene where they tie me up and about to burn me. In this scene, it took three days because it required many important roles. For this same scene, it starts at 10 a.m., under the sun with my hand tie up and I must cry with tear. When one person messes up, we had to start all over again in the next morning. The next morning come, we started film again until evening but then it was rain. But we finish filming on the third day which I was out under the sun all day.
About the movie “Poum cris chomlaik” there is no special scene so it was not so difficult for me. About the movie called “Destiny” it does has some difficult scene such as I had to run during the rain in the middle of the night. But it was fake rain. I was so cold. There also a scene that required to roll over the small rock. This scene took many takes.

6. For this year 2007, how old are you? 18 years old.
7. What are the plans for this year? I plan to have concert tour across the states (in Cambodia), and plan to come outside of the country.
8. It seems that you are very busy. What have you plan for your personal life? It’s true that I am busy. Even though I’m busy but each week I take one day off for a family meeting.
9. For everyday life, what do you like to do in the morning? In the morning, if I had to film, I always wake up early and get ready to film. But for some day that I don’t film, in the morning I like to sleep to pay off.
10. About dressing up, in the morning how do you dress up? In the morning, I used clothes that related to the scene and what director had ordered. For my personal life I like to wear clothes that are bright in color such as blue or white.
11. For holiday or the day that you off from work, where do you like to go? I like to go to different states(in Cambodia), and outside of the country.
12. When you off from work, what would you like to do? When I am off from work I like to go to salon name “MeeKASA”, fix nail, wash hair, and spa. What I like the most is beauty.
13. What is your goal for this year 2007? For this year, my goal was I want to have concert tour outside of the country especially U.S.A.
14. Now let talk about the recent news related to a playboy actress that had the same face as you. A group of people say that this actress was you. About this news, do you know anything about it and what do you think? About this news, I already knew. It was a surprise for me. Because of this news, I had a bad reputation. Through this FASION REVIEW magazine, I just want to let people know that the pictures from the news are not me. She just a Japanese actress that has a career as a playboy. Her face look a little bit similar like mine, this had make people think that person was me.
15. Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans? I had many words in my heart that I would like to say. I just want to let all the people know that I’m Vang Sreyno, whatever I did I will accept it but whatever I did not, I won’t accept it. So in one of the sex film stated that the actress was me that is not true. I am not that actress. Please inspect carefully and I want to let the people know that I will never do this kind of act. I just want to thank you to Fashion Review that gives me an opportunity to reveal the truth. I wish that Fashion Review will be in the heart among all people. I also wish a happiness in all family.

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