Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mu Sochua: I did not apologize to Heng Samrin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Translated form Khmer by Socheata

SRP Kampot MP Mu Sochua rejected the information published by an article of the Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper on 06 March, bearing the title: “National
Assembly to return parliamentary immunity to Mr. Sam Rainsy,” in which the article alleged that Mrs. Mu Sochua met with Heng Samrin, the president of the National Assembly, to apologize. In a letter dated 06 March, Mrs. Mu Sochua asked the Rasmei Kampuchea to bring a correction to its article alleging that she apologized to Heng Samrin. In her letter, Mu Sochua indicated that she did not apologize to Heng Samrin about anything she spoke with Voice of America regarding the lifting of Sam Rainsy’s immunity. She added that, to the contrary, she told Heng Samrin that he should not speak about an out of topic issue during the celebration of the International Women’s Day held on 08 March. Mrs. Mu Sochua added on that letter that there were no reporters present during her meeting with Heng Samrin.

KI-Media note: MP Mu Sochua was scolded by Heng Samrin at a Women's Day event held on 05 March 2009 for stating her view on Voice of America of the decision of the National Assembly to lift the parliamentary immunity of opposition leader Sam Rainsy, as the decision of the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly clearly violated article 80 of the Constitution.

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