Monday, March 16, 2009

The mother of a Khmer worker who died in Thailand sought intervention

Khmer workers who died or were murdered in Thailand.

Khmer Sthapana newspaper
12th March, 2009
Reported in English by Khmerization

The mother of a Cambodian worker who died mysteriously while working in Thailand has asked the Cambodian government to intervene on her behalf to seek compensation for the death of her son.Mrs. Pa Sophea, mother of Min Sitha Saravuth, the dead worker, said in a press conference on 11th March that her 26 year-old son was recruited by a job agency in Phnom Penh, Human Power, to work legally in a glove factory in Thailand since 2006. On 20th December 2008, she received the news that her son had died from a fall off the ship. She claimed that the body of her son was cremated immediately without any investigation into the causes of his death.

She is appealing to the Cambodian government to intervene in helping her to seek compensation for her son’s death.

Mr. Ya Navuth, president of an NGO, CARAM Cambodia, also appeals to the Thai embassy and the Cambodian government to help her seek compensation because the victim had been recruited to work in Thailand legally by the employment agency, Human Power.

He said that the company where Mrs. Pa Sophea's son had worked before the accident that killed him should compensate her family and pay all his salaries for the 23 months duration that he had worked for the company.

Mr. Ya Navuth added that, this is not the first death of a Cambodian worker in Thai factories. Many Cambodian workers continue to die in Thai factories every year without any investigations for the causes of their deaths.

CARAM Cambodia estimated that, currently, there are about 80,000 Cambodians working legally and illegally in Thailand.

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