Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ព្រាប សុវត្ថិ និង​ សាពូន មីដាដា

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Preab Sovat and Sapoon Midada compete for lead actor in the movie called “ Sdach Kohn�

According to the articles states that “Sdach Kohn� is story about the khmer history that shows how brave the king was during war time. This movie is base on Khmer history that will be produce by RHM production. But for now, they still need do more study about history, geography, and people live during those period.
RHM production has already successfully in making movie called “Nesart Kroper�, which Preah Sovat is the lead actor. As for “Sdach Kohn�, the lead actor has not yet chosen. Preah Sovat and Sapoon Midada are the only actors that are on the list. RHM’s objective selects only their people not other actors outside of RHM.
According the news states that between Preah Sovat and Sapoon Midada had different specialty. This has make RHM having a hard time to select which singer to be the lead actor in “Sdach Kohn.� Some people states that Preah Sovat has been a lead singer for RHM for many years. Especially he has been successfully on his first movie “ Nasart Kroper� So this lead role is perfect for Preah Sovat. But others who had been read about the history of King Kohn states that Sapoon Midada is one of the famous singer, even though he has not yet act in film like Preah Sovat but according this gentle character with an experiences through Karaoke is also fit for this role. As for “Sdach Kohn� Sapoon Midada has a handsome body and his age is also similar to Sdach Kohn during those period. A body with big muscle, tall and big body, hairy chest, a brave face, these are a character for Khmer Angkor. Plus there was news states that Sapoon Midada knows fung fu, this has make people think that Sapoon Midada is perfectly fit for this role than Preab Sovat.
Because of these good characteristics, RHM has not yet decide with one to be the lead role. But according to one source states that to make things even, there will be a vote from RHM staffs. Whoever gets the most votes will be choose to be a lead role as a “Sdach Kohhn.
But no matter what, all of these rumor has not yet confirm from RHM, Preah Sovat, or Sapoon Midada. So what is important is that we as the fans want to find out who will be the lead actor in the movie “King Kohn� will it be Preat Sovat or Sapoon Midada?? from

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