Sunday, October 12, 2008

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"Loose-fitted track pants are not flattering for the feminine form. Adding a glamour quotient to your gym wear has its own utility, as it adds to the whole experience of a well earned work out. Looking good is feeling good. Sport jackets and slim track pants looks trendy. Being sexy doesn't only mean showing skin, so make sure you dress in accordance to your vital statistics to avoid being a sight for sore eyes in office," recommends designer Falguni Peacock.

Designer Nisha Jamvwal asserts, "Glamour with fitness is very essential and you actually perform better because you feel good and look sexy. A sense of adventure in your workout clothes makes all the difference. Tuxedo styled sleeveless tops with hot pants look amazing while working out."

Rina Dhaka adds, "When you wear fitted, fashion-driven and modern outfits to the gym, it motivates you to get into shape so that you can flaunt the sexy side of yourself with panache. Shorts that are a bit loose on the body or 3-quarter track pants teamed with tank tops and a hooded jacket make a sexy mixture. Make sure your hair is pulled back.

Cashing in on the fitness revolution, several fitness brands like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nautica, Gant etc are designing workout outfits that allow women to continue their rigorous exercise sessions while looking super stylish. Bollywood style icon Bipasha Basu has in fact also worked in close association with a team of designers for a leading fitness brand to create a fitness line especially for women, making sure the collection combines style and comfort in the right ingredients.

Designer Manav Gangwani opines, "Right from your outfit, shoes to your tresses, everything decides how hot you're looking during a workout session. Only wearing tight stuff won't make you look good. Even longer T-shirts and stretch outfits can bring in a level of comfort, which I think is the main key for any kind of workout."

Making a point for over sized women, Nisha adds, "Do not wear tight-fitted clothes, if you are over weight; it will make you look even more obese. Make sure that whatever you wear goes well with your body shape. Even longer tees that cover your butt area would make you look apt for the gym."

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